Diet Trends are JUST Trends

Diet Trends are JUST Trends

We, at Matter have been diving into diet trends and questioning how they come about, who they’re for, and what their effects are on you. We’ve been researching the research, and here’s the one thing we have to say – Diet trends are just trends.

Every day, science covers new ground and examines alternative approaches to healthy eating. When something picks up momentum, or worse, media attention, we unknowingly fall for what is simply the ‘discovery of the day.’ In no way are these definitive ways to eat, especially not for a prolonged period of time. When selecting a diet, there are so many things to keep in mind to ensure you’re eating enough, you’re eating for your body and lifestyle, and most importantly, you’re eating from a place of self-love.

Paleo, Keto, Master Cleanse, Raw, Juice Detox, Atkins, Vegan, Alkaline, even Baby Food (yes, Baby Food). All of these diet trends have just one thing in common – they’re trends.

The commercialization and communication around diet trends often targets adolescents that are exploring changes in their bodies, and women that feel insecure about natural bodily processes, from puberty through to old age. This is not at all to say that men and mature adults aren’t targets too, but often mass media focuses on where they get majority readership. We need to be less susceptible to media, and more critical of why things work and, on a larger scale, what their impact is on our bodies, minds and emotions. Extreme dieting can be incredibly harmful to physical processes, lead to brain fog, and even depression.

The truth of the matter is that our bodies change over our lifetimes. Rather than falling for lines about how to lose weight, undo your binge, look younger, and so on, think about what is right for you in that moment of time. Consult a specialist, not a magazine. Health is personal, it’s not commercial.

At Matter Nutrition, we focus on balanced meals targeted towards your lifestyle and personal goals. We base our calculations on a scientifically-proven methodology. That’s why we count macros, and do not discriminate against any animal, vegetable, or solid food.

There is no perfect diet, because there is no perfect body. You are YOU, and that makes you perfect.