Resistance Training and the Holiday Season Go Hand in Hand

Resistance Training and the Holiday Season Go Hand in Hand

As we enter the New Year, we all deserve to enjoy our favorite meals made by the people we love. And sometimes, it’s not easy to get to the gym between all the errands and entertaining. So just take a step back, let go of the guilt and do what you can.

A few simple ways to stay active during this time of year is to dance a little more at the parties, go for a post-meal walk with your loved ones, or start up a friendly game of your favorite sport between meals! The key is to have fun, and find things to do that keep you on your feet. Maybe even pop into the kitchen to help out.

Resistance training and the holiday season go hand in hand. What’s another Christmas dinner without resisting a political argument with your uncle, a third helping of mom’s special, or unwrapping your presents just one day early? We’ve all been there.

So let’s talk about what you can do to work on your resistance, without having to completely cut out the things that make this time of year so special.

Avoid overeating. With the pattern of increased portion sizes, food that varies from your daily diet, and over-indulgent meals, holiday season eating habits can look a lot like binge eating to your body. And these changes in your behavior can cause mood fluctuations, shape/weight overvaluation, and eventual inflexible dietary restraint (cue: New Year’s Resolutions). But your body shouldn’t be the one to blame and the after effects can be excessive, so let’s talk about how to counterbalance that.

Instead of skipping the roast, you can control your intake. Portioning out your protein first, carbs second, then sauces and sides last will help you organize your meals and optimize your consumption. Alternatively, you can also just show up a little less hungry. Don’t tell mom, but grab a protein shake or your favorite macro-friendly snack before heading out the door! Studies show that it takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to realize you’re full, so give it enough time to process.

Having said that, we also want to remind you to let go a little. Don’t pass on your favorite dish and definitely take that extra piece of pie if mom insists. Focus on your loved ones, allow yourself that extra serving of your favorite dish, skip a gym session if you have to, and don’t lose sight of the most important things in life.

While we’re all for expressing restraint to ensure you don’t fall too far off track, we believe in your commitment  to get right back on.