Globally, 97 million working days are lost due to poor eating habits.

What’s the cost of
an unhealthy diet?

In the UK alone, the cost of employee absence related to sickness is AED 135 Billion.On average, 7 complete working days are lost per employee on daily ordering related stressors (Decision making, food delays, wrong orders, post work slump).

Employees with an unhealthy diet are 66% more likely to report loss of productivity.

48% of employees feel that their employer does not care about their health and wellbeing leading them to feel less motivated.

When employees eat well, you get…

A minimum of 25% increase in performance
An average of 5 hours per month saved on ONLY decision making
A 27% decrease in absenteeism for those that eat healthy and exercise regularly

We offer a range of options, tailored for you.

By Us, For Your Office

A range of delicious, healthy food designed to improve the health, happiness and productivity of your employees through daily lunch for them to grab and go.

Corporate Catering

Whether it is a one off event or a regular team meeting, Matter can supply a range of healthy meals and snacks for your office.

Personalized Healthy Eating for Your Employees

Corporate discounts and access to our team and nutritionists that allows your employees to eat healthier throughout the work day or even have deliveries scheduled to their homes. 2, 3 or 4 meals for your employees and a flexible delivery schedule that works for THEM.

What’s your next step?

Give us a call on 056 666 8168 and let our Client Success Manager and Head Nutritionist organize a tasting session for your team and come down to get to know you!

Because you and your team matter.